You have probably seen a different advertisement of personal injury lawyers in different parts of the country or on TV. It is easy to be skeptical about the authenticity of these lawyers, but it is important to note that not all personal injury lawyers are going to scam you. In fact, they are very important if you have sustained injuries in a public place. Also, most personal injury lawyers like Gordon & Gordon will take your case on a contingency basis which means that you will pay them after you win your case.


A personal injury lawyer will help you when you are injured in situations like a car accident, injuries at work, passenger accidents or through medical negligence. Apart from this, small injuries resulting from a slip, a fall or dog bites in a public place could also necessitate the services of a personal injury lawyer. This is because any form of injury to you is a violation of your rights and you need to take action.


It is important to have a personal injury lawyer that you can call when you injured or involved in a car accident. Most of the personal injury cases do not even have to go to court. Sometimes it is better to settle the case out of court through negotiations. As such, you need a personal injury lawyer not only for their legal advice but also for their negotiation skills. Their negotiation skills assist you to be in a better position whether you are the one who is injured or accused of injuring another person.


You need a personal injury lawyer to help you cost the damages due to various injuries. Most people have virtually no experience with personal injuries, and it can be hard to estimate how much you will need to settle your damages. A personal injury lawyer will assist you to identify the value of your claims. If you are involved in an accident, and the driver at-fault flees, you also have recourse through various government insurance schemes. Understanding how all this works is not possible without a personal injury lawyer.



When involved in an accident, you will need someone to help you gather all the evidence as well as file the necessary documents required to make a successful case in court. It can be expensive to fight for compensation and finding a personal injury lawyer who understands this can help you successfully make your claims. These lawyers at also operate under the law, and they are subject to a maximum rate. As a general rule, the client has to get at least 50 percent of the settlement after all the outlays and government charges are subtracted.